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Travel Tales

International traveler Winnie Bowen says, ”I’ve been fortunate to visit many fabulous places in my life. Through these tales I can share the adventures with others.” Eager to learn all she can about the places she visits, Bowen is always ready to see what’s around the bend, whether at the famous sites or off the beaten path.

Now you can accompany her, from the comfort of your home, in this book and its companion, Travel Tales from the Porch Swing. Both draw from the diaries Bowen kept on her many adventures.

She trekked up to Machu Picchu when almost 70 years old, and was hiking the Alps at 80. International traveler and author Winnie Bowen doesn't set out to make any records, but her curious mind has an insatiable appetite for exploring and learning-and having fun along the way.Bowen prefers alternative means of travel like biking and hiking to large ships or tour buses. Not only are these more active vacations, but they allow her to seek out both the famous attractions and sites off the beaten path that most people miss. She never knows what she'll find.From five-star hotels to pup tents on the beach and even a brothel, she's been there. Sampling local cuisine has led to some unique surprises. Opium ice cream? She'll try anything once. Traveling with Bowen, the adventures never end, and reading her two-book set of Travel Tales is a peek into the diaries of her well-traveled life.

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