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Book 1: Wonderful West Virginia


Third-generation apple farmer Will Parson must find a distributor and laborers for his harvest—and a way to placate his wife, who yearns for luxury. How can he hold on to Applewood Orchard amid the Great Depression?

Eighteen acres separate Will’s farm from the estate owned by Carl and Eleanor Rhode, a couple who harbor deep secrets from each other and from the community. With the world seeming to fall apart around them, their lives become intertwined in surprising ways.

At the edge of the forest, Tilly hides in the low branches of tall spruce trees and watches them. Will she find the courage to come out of seclusion when lives are endangered?

Love, hope, and forgiveness abound in this first novel of the Wonderful West Virginia Series.

Book 2: Wonderful West Virginia


Kate McNaughton’s life should be a ball. She has the support of a loving family, a good job as clerk at the mining company her father and brothers work for, and the interest of handsome new miner Patrick. But there’s trouble at the mine, and when a tragic accident threatens to tear apart her family, she suspects Patrick may be responsible.

Emily Carter’s life should be made in the shade. Newlywed to the superintendent of the mine, she has a life of plenty and prestige. But she can’t break the class barrier to make a single friend in this close-knit community, and even her husband is pulling away from her. Now, she’s keeping secrets from him.

As if these two women in Farrowlee, West Virginia, don’t have enough to worry about at home, war breaks out in Korea, affecting their families in unimaginable ways. Navigating the strife at home and abroad will require every ounce of their strength as they learn that only God can bring peace amid the struggles.

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