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Featured Titles

What does it take to survive when the Triad wants you dead?


Zoey McFarland’s massage therapy business is thriving on referrals from local physicians. So when a new spa offering massage opens nearby, she isn’t concerned—until she sees a young girl crying outside the place.


Investigating the girl’s plight, Zoey uncovers an evil hiding in plain sight. But city officials won’t believe a human trafficking ring exists in their town, and law enforcement accuses her of trying to eliminate competition.


Then, taken by the ring and immersed in the very nightmare she’s fighting, Zoey discovers the true fate of the victims is more sinister than anyone imagined. Can Zoey find a way to survive?


This novel of hope and courage is inspired by true events.

What's Up, Cody?


Life in Grayson’s pasture is tough for a little cowbird named Cody. Pop wants to teach him new things – scary things. His best friend Wally means well but is forever getting him in trouble.


Now, there’s a newcomer in the pasture – a bully who’s picking on Cody. Will Cody ever feel safe in his pasture? Sharing his secret might help – or it could bring more trouble. When a dangerous threat sweeps the pasture, will Cody find a way to face his fears?


Children will discover that being scared sometimes is natural, but can be overcome. They'll also learn practical techniques for coping with bullies.

Sousanna: The Lost Daughter

Gripping and heart-wrenching; historically important, with contemporary relevance.

—Kirkus Reviews

Five-year-old Sousanna is often cold and always hungry, but she’s happy living in post-WWII Greece with her kind and loving family. Then one day a stranger approaches Sousanna’s father with a startling proposition, made bearable only by the assurance that the situation is temporary.


But all is not as it seems, and Sousanna is taken from her home to a foreign place where she’s adopted by an American couple. Everything is different and no one understands her. How will Sousanna endure alone in this strange place, where her culture, her language, and even her name are taken from her? Will her parents ever find her?


Heart-wrenching and heart-warming by turns, this timely novel inspired by true events explores the bonds between parents and child, the lasting effects of words spoken to young children, and what “for the good of the child” means.​

Women of Monterey

a new inspirational

historical fiction series



In Seek a Safe Harbor, the lives of two women—an aristocrat and a Native American—converge at Mission San Carlos de Borromeo in 1780s California. One seeks love but finds more than she bargained for; the other must find courage to face her worst fear when faced with the possibility of losing everything she holds dear. Neither could have foreseen the result of their meeting.




The sequel, Dawn’s Light in Monterey, is set in 1807 Monterey. Two sisters are attracted to aristocratic brothers; but when they learn that the brothers have been keeping important family secrets, how will the women move past the betrayal and forgive the men who hold their hearts?

Little Lodges on the Prairie: Freemasonry & Laura Ingalls Wilder


The Little House on the Prairie books and TV show have inspired generations, but few people know the history of the Ingalls family in Freemasonry.


Discover new stories about Laura Ingalls Wilder in Little Lodges on the Prairie: Freemasonry & Laura Ingalls Wilder, the first book to comprehensively document the role Masonry and the Eastern Star played in the lives of this iconic American family.


A lively and informative look at this lesser-known aspect of Laura's life, including documents which have rarely been seen and never before been published, Little Lodges on the Prairie gives readers an intriguing new and unique perspective on Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family.

An epic battle will rage between two sons of Cyrus...the victor will determine Earth’s future.

Charlotte is searching for a runaway dog when a man drops from the trees. His pull on her is more than physical—and might be dangerous. When she discovers Elyian is actually a vampire king from another planet, Charlotte has to decide whether to ignore her new-found knowledge to keep her stable life, or leave all she knows to explore a new world with a complete stranger.

Then she meets his father…​

Elyian’s planet, Ranic, is in trouble. The evil Havvol is intent on killing Elyian and taking over both Ranic and Earth.


When Havvol discovers a secret about Charlotte, she becomes his new obsession.


Will Elyian and his father be able to set aside their own desires and jealousies to stop Havvol from destroying not only the woman they both love, but also two entire worlds?



Winnie Bowen hiked into Machu Picchu at almost 70 years of age, and was hiking the Alps at 80. Bowen prefers alternative means of travel like biking and hiking to large ships or tour buses. This allows her to seek out sites off the beaten path that most people miss.


From five-star hotels to pup tents on the beach and even a brothel, she’s been there. Sampling local cuisine has led to some unexpected surprises. Opium ice cream? She’ll try anything once. Traveling with Bowen, the adventures never end, and reading her two-book set of Travel Tales is a peek into the diaries of her well-traveled life.


Book 1, Travel Tales from the Porch Swing covers visits to North, Central, and South America—including Cuba—as well as China.

Book 2, Passport to Europe, follows Bowen all over Europe and also Russia.

Thanksgiving is one of the most-loved holidays in North America. Make the day even more enjoyable with:

*Classic Thanksgiving recipes - along with a few new ones - to prepare a feast appropriate for the day

*Blessings from many cultures

*A history of the holiday, including differing perspectives of the Puritans and the Native Americans

*Music, readings, and activities to enhance the festivity

*Customs from around the world to inspire a celebration that reflects your own personal style

The ideas, tips, and suggestions in Thanksgiving Joy are designed to help you create a memorable holiday, whether you will be hosting a dinner for the first time, will be on your own, or are simply looking for a few fresh ideas to enhance an already-traditional celebration.

Charming vintage illustrations throughout.

Teen twins Marcus and Samantha Willoughby land in Philadelphia during America’s first bank robbery. Everyone’s convinced some special work on the bank vaults and locks provided the opportunity for the crime.

The twins agree to help accused blacksmith Patrick Lyon prove his innocence, but it’s a challenge when the police and bank officials are convinced he’s guilty.

Will Marcus and Samantha be able to free Pat Lyon and return home before the city’s deadly epidemic of yellow fever do away with them forever?

An easy-to-understand guide to copyright, especially for authors
•What copyright is
•What copyright covers
•How long copyright lasts
•Public domain
•Fair use
•When and how to register copyright
•Using real people and places
•What to do if your work is stolen
•How to transfer copyright
•How to find a copyright holder
•Special considerations for covers & illustrations, music, and videos
•Copyright vs. trademark
•Copyright vs. plagiarism
•And More!